Digital transformation – 5 ultimate ways HR MUST drive performance

16 October 2017

There is much one can learn about the digital transformation of the modern-day workplace from the recent Tom Hanks and Emma Watson movie, The Circle. While the movie takes a somewhat dystopian/Orwellian turn after the first few minutes, the present day workplace is not that different regarding the hyperconnectivity, cross-functional work culture and a business […]

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The robots are coming! Should human resources teams fight or embrace HR automation?

05 September 2017

When you think of robots starting to play a more significant role in HR management, do you think of: A) A helpful, non-threatening robot with the duty of relieving you of mundane, repetitive tasks. Through the use of clever HR automation it will give you more free time to work on strategic and human aspects […]

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HR Spotlight: Alison Kennedy

17 July 2017

At Pivot, we engage with HR professionals on a day to day basis and often get to see the same faces at various client sites. We enjoy watching their career transitions and support their career paths. Alison Kennedy is well known to us here at Pivot and we have enjoyed dealing with Alison at numerous […]

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The anatomy of a pragmatic (but lovely) Performance Review

22 May 2017

Depending on the type of company you belong to, performance reviews can be smashed out every quarter, held annually, scrapped altogether or organically evolved from regular staff-management catch ups. They are the lifeblood of employee development, compensation allocation and promotions. Which understandably makes them rather nerve-racking for employees. They can also be a difficult operation […]

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Give your performance evaluations some love

17 May 2017

Performance evaluations are getting a hard time lately. Businesses are calling them ‘irrelevant’, ‘dated’ and ‘stressful’ and dumping them altogether. But are these businesses really better off without them? Last year CEB Global reported that at most companies, employee performance drops by around 10% when ratings are removed because of breakdowns in managers’ ability to […]

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Evolution of Compensation Management Systems

27 April 2017

Pivot’s CEO Philippa Youngman was recently interviewed for Total Rewards, a quarterly publication focussed on Compensation, Remuneration and Rewards trends produced by Aon Hewitt for the Indian market. Q. HR as a function has not been one of the early adopters of technology. However, the game has changed in the last couple of years. Do […]

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What all the cool HR kids are doing in 2017

23 March 2017

You know that group of girls at school who could make just about anything ‘cool’? The ones where if they bought a new fluffy purple back pack, one week later everyone else in class would also be donning a fluffy purple back pack? The trend setters. The sophisticated. The ones everyone wanted to copy. These […]

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How to apply REM in the Gig economy

18 March 2017

Just like a rock band, touring from place to place, the ‘gig economy’ professionals jump from company to company, collecting meaningful experiences and developing their personal skills and values along the way. Gone are the days of people loyally working in one company for their whole life. Freelancers and job hoppers now rule the market. […]

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15 Tips to up your performance management game

08 March 2017

All our lives we’ve been measured on our performance. Ballet examinations, math tests, soccer team try outs, even eye exams at the optometrist. We’re used to being judged, graded and compared to others… but it seems that we’re sick of it. Akin to a 10-year-old practicing kicking a ball in the backyard every day after […]

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How to make giant strides in remuneration strategy

26 January 2017

Salary reviews regularly make New Zealand news, like the widely-reported signing of New Zealand basketball star Steven Adams to a four year, $NZ140m contract at his Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, starting this year. The deal puts the 6 foot 11 inch Adams, brother of Olympic gold medallist Valerie Adams, as New Zealand’s top earning […]

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