Remuneration Ally

A simple solution for your business

How it works



Discover workflow that drives processes efficiently and effectively, aligning managers with correct procedures.



Quickly identify any bottlenecks and realise clarity around remuneration decisions against budgets.


Product Specifications

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Fits seamlessly into any corporate IT infrastructure and integration with mainstream HRIS / payroll systems.

Transform and gain control over your remuneration process

“It gives all parties in the review process more control over remuneration. It sets quite clear rules around both the review and approval process, and by having it online, we don’t get version inconsistency issues that we used to get with multiple spreadsheets.”
- Remuneration and Reporting Manager, The Warehouse

“The Pivot team is very responsive and they have a good understanding of remuneration. They understand what we’re trying to achieve as they have an HR Background as well as technical capability”
- Remuneration and Benefits Advisor, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Remuneration Ally helps you go with the flow


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