White papers

The Freedom to Fly

The Freedom to Fly | Pivot SoftwareThis white paper explores why you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to HR technology in your business.



Why the death of performance reviews has been greatly exaggerated

This Pivot Software white paper explores how HR professionals can still ensure this doesn't undermine the effectiveness of their remuneration framework.


Money Talks – but what is it saying to your best employees?

MoneyTalks_WP_Cover_pageGet the five tips you need for creating incentive plans that reward talent and improve morale.


Building a strong business case for purchasing Remuneration Ally

This white paper helps you identify cost savings that can be achieved by investing in Pivot’s Remuneration Ally.


Remuneration Ally ROI Calculator

Use our Remuneration Ally ROI Calculator in conjunction with our White Paper: Building a strong case for purchasing Remuneration Ally to build a return on investment model.


Back to basics with Performance Management

Performance-ManagementThis white paper helps you bring the focus of the performance management process back to organisational objectives and evaluate performance management systems.


The Pink Slip for Spreadsheets in HR

Spreadsheets image

Contain the risks and avoiding disasters with the use of spreadsheets for critical HR processes.


Why RFP doesn’t stand for ‘Really Fun Process’

CaptureIn this paper we take a look at some key ingredients of effective RFPs from our experience in dealing with large Australian and New Zealand corporates.


Agile Performance Management

How can agile approaches work for performance management processes? Find out in this white paper.


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