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Pivot is .."perfected Remuneration & Performance software."

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Panel Pay

Pivot's remuneration software gives more visibility and control of your company's salary review processes.

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Panel Performance
Be a well oiled machine

Pivot’s performance software keeps everyone on track and headed in the same direction.

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Rewards and Recognition

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Celebrate achievements

ELMO Rewards & Recognition encourages people to recognise each other’s achievements and helps boost employee engagement.

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Succession Management

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Keep an eye on the future

ELMO Succession Management is an invaluable tool to retain employees, identify flight risks and build bench strength.

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Learning Management

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Keep employee skills relevant and compliant

ELMO Learning Management can monitor compliance rates and report on training effectiveness.

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Why is Pivot great?

We understand that working with remuneration and performance can feel like trying to steer a very large ship with a very small rudder.

Pivot gives you more control over these complex and emotional business processes, so you can better attract and retain talent. And frees you to focus more on adding value and less on managing process.

We call it the genius of simplicity.

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Smart Workflows

Pivot products are clever. We have done the hard work to create software that delivers super efficient processes and enables collaboration.

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Got Your Back

We look after our clients. Our support is friendly, flexible and prompt. It's what our clients love most!

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We Get It!

We are a team of HR professionals who have walked in your shoes.

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Easy Peasy

Pivot’s remuneration and performance software just works! With minimal training you will be working like a pro.

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Seamless Integration

Our SAAS products are easy to implement and simple to integrate into any corporate IT infrastructure.

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Configuration? Can Do!

Everyone works a little differently. Our products can be adapted to your organisation’s processes, values and culture.

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Our Story

What our Einsteins have to say

Hear from some of our happy customers who have become remuneration and performance Einsteins

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

"The Pivot team is very responsive, and they have a good understanding of remuneration. They understand what we’re trying to achieve as they have an HR background as well as technical capability."

- Remuneration and Benefits Adivsor


"Feedback from users gave Pivot Pay (Pivot Remuneration) the "Thumbs up" saying it was very easy to use and delivered to their needs. Pivot ensures the product remains up-to-date through upgrades that have been derived from proactively seeking customer feedback."

- Head of Remuneration and Performance Management


"With Pivot Performance, UniServices are able to put in place a more fluid, living performance management process. It enables us to look at a standard grid including factors like retention risk, leadership skills, potential for further success, cross-functional skills and so on. We can rate people, calibrate the results and then have action points."

- GM - Human Resources