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Why getting paid’s not just about the money – a four-dimensional approach

When someone says, "I love my job", they're not just referring to how much ...

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Tame The Feedback Dragon 1085225 1280


Five Ways to Tame the Feedback Dragon

Feedback. Employees and managers have a love-hate relationship with this wo...

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Performance management meritocracy


Meritocracy, not Idiocracy – a guide to performance management

The 2006 film Idiocracy takes a satirical look at what the world might be l...

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Bob Dylan Maggies Farm Hr Story


Bringing Bob Dylan Back to Maggie’s Farm - An HR Story!

Bob Dylan is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of our time, and his...

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Gender Pay Equity Icelandic Legislation


Time to stop treating Jack and Jill differently – With Iceland leading the way, should we follow too?

Most of us are familiar with the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. What that nur...

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Denise Hanlon Pivot Software


Pivot brings Denise Hanlon - The Ambassador of Awesome to our HR event

‘Customer is king’ is an age-old business mantra. Similarly, in the world ...

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