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HR has a PR problem


Hr Is Not Cost Centre

For far too long the human resources team has had to deal with being tagged a cost-center.

This is more a problem of perception than reality. And this perception has cost the HR team an equal say in the boardroom and has often been a target of any cost cutting measures initiated in the organisation.

Turning around this perception is in our hands. Like every other profession – Law, Accounting and even Medicine – technology is the key to automating processes and making smarter decisions in HR.

Modern HR systems allow you to manage and measure every aspect of the business function and it has never been easier.

Of course, it all starts with translating what the business strategy means for HR and how it will deliver on that as well as aligning organisational goals with teams’ and individuals’ KPIs.

The next step in this chain is to link the positive outcomes of all HR processes such as increased employee performance, engagement, talent retention, quality leadership back to the achievement of organisational goals.

This critical step is imperative for all investment made in the HR department, including any shiny new management system, and prove the return on such investment made. At the HR Tech Fest 2015, Head of Performance and Operations at the Bank of Queensland, Ben Tilley presented the session on Unifying HR Systems and emphasised the importance of these systems in allowing the organisation to manage, measure and further develop employee engagement and leadership. Practice leaders such as Ben are leading the charge in the implementation of HR systems and using data to make smarter HR decisions and demonstrate value for the organisation.

Evolving HR metrics from Transactional to Strategic helps make this connection between HR Practices and company profitability, using analysis such as average reduction in employee turnover over a financial year and it’s correlation to increases in employee productivity and employee satisfaction scores. Hard numbers proving the reduction in attrition and the costs of talent acquisition only help our case.

This HR ‘Big Data’ speaks will but it needs to be analysed and correlated to the organisation’s goals as well as its impact on the bottom-line for HR to demonstrate its significance to the profitability of the company.

The Human Resource professional is highly aware of the value they add to the organisation, 2016 is the year we prove it.


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