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Want to invigorate a lethargic performance management process?


Invigorating Lethargic Performance System

Here are some depressing statistics for you: only 14% of organisations are happy with their performance management system and 30% of performance reviews actually end up in decreased employee performance. (source: TalentManagement360).

Can you relate to these statistics? Are your current employee performance management outcomes getting you down? Perhaps your performance management processes are in need of an endorphin boost.invigorate

Bersin by Deloitte have created a list of miracle cures to transform your listless performance management procedures into strategies to invigorate and motivate employees to succeed. Combine the powers of these factors for a modern, healthy and positive performance management approach. Regardless of the methodology, your performance management procedures should include these features.

Pivot Software published a white paper called “Why the death of performance reviews has been greatly exaggerated” earlier this year, that discusses the ‘must haves’ for a performance review process and how to reinvigorate your performance management.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘depressing’ statistics of performance review satisfaction changes over the next five years as disruptive technology and methodology is adopted by more HR departments.

Are you looking at making changes to your HR processes soon? Do you think PM satisfaction levels are set to rise at your organisation because of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section, or write to me.

You can also download the Pivot white paper here: “Why the death of performance reviews has been greatly exaggerated”.

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