Desk Tech Fest


Celebrating the talent, technology and ideas transforming the future of work – HRTF17

We’re back from the HR Innovation and Tech Fest where we joined industry pe...

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Pivot exhibiting at HR Innovation & Tech Fest 2017

Pivot will once again be exhibiting at HR Innovation & Tech Fest, Austr...

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Workforce Of The Future


Workforce of the Future – The need to look beyond Millennials

If you read our previous blog post, you know our affection for Hollywood an...

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Pivot Woman Job


5 pro tips for pitching HR tech to your company

We hope that you are enjoying the blog series by Pivot for the upcoming #HR...

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Want a high performance culture? HR enable it!

One of the topics @HRTechFest2017 is “”bringing our organization on the jou...

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Digital transformation - 5 ultimate ways HR MUST drive performance

There is much one can learn about the digital transformation of the modern-...

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