Learning Management

Learning in a rapidly changing world means keeping employee skills relevant and compliant.

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Keeping skills up-to-date in a fast-paced world is critical. Add the need for compliance training to the mix and the management of learning can be daunting.

ELMO Learning Management smooths the process by keeping track of employee training needs, course completion rates and compliance requirements.

Why ELMO Learning Management?

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Learning for all levels

Create everything from simple courses through to more complex courses with multiple components including eLearning modules, instructor-led training and discussion groups.

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Ease your workload

Automate many traditionally manual tasks, helping to ease the workload for training departments.

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Configure to your needs

Configure the LMS with detailed information regarding positions, departments and locations that can further automate the assignment of training as employees move throughout the organisation.

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Course flexibility

Create courses with a range of activities to increase learner engagement

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Self-directed learning

Provide an extensive course catalogue of training to allow for self-directed learning

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Lower compliance risk

Track compliance rates with overview reporting and drill-down reports for more detail

Key features

Create personalised learning plans for employees
Search and find courses in the course catalogue
Access courses from a mobile device
Track and report on compliance rates
Create and manage instructor-led training
Build eLearning modules
Deploy SCORM content
Create and track quick policy acknowledgements
Access to over 400 courses from the ELMO Course Library
Comprehensive reporting for managers to track compliance training rates and overall training effectiveness and overall trends

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