ELMO Performance Management

Ensuring that employees understand the performance expectations of their employer is a significant challenge. With ELMO Performance Management, you can clearly define these expectations – enabling employees to meet and exceed them.

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Key Benefits

ELMO Performance Management offers a range of pre-built goals and development objectives, which can be utilised to create a library of content for use across the business. In addition, a behavioural competency library outlines the key competencies and behaviours required.

Obtain a holistic view of performance by extending feedback across teams using 360 reviews for formal assessment, or capture recommendations from colleagues.

Why ELMO Performance Management?

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Tailored performance appraisals

Configurable to your requirements, including goal setting capabilities, competency models and development plans.

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Simplified and automated workflows

Incorporating appraisal cycle periods, effective stakeholder management and automated notifications, sign-offs and approvals.

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Team view and real-time reporting

Access direct and indirect reports to view the status of appraisals, utilise the search facility or collaborate using the export and print functions.

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Align individual and team goals with organisational strategies by creating development plans and 360 reviews to assist in the development of a performance culture

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ELMO’s Performance Management software provides you with the tools to drive and monitor organisational workflows, productivity and objectives

ELMO Performance Management

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Why our customers love ELMO Performance Management

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"In terms of functionality, ELMO Performance Management provides Jesuit Social Services with the ability to have multiple users in the system concurrently. “It’s saved a lot of time. Now we’re able to have multiple team members in the same system at the same time recording updates,”"

- Paige Van Every, Relationship & Operations Manager – Jesuit Social Services

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"Defence Bank team takes full advantage of features like face-to-face bookings and using the performance module to provide a structured induction plan for each new starter. “We’ve reduced manual effort and improved system utilisation, which are both wins when you’re lean like us,”"

- Ross Williamson - Head of Employee Experience at Defence Bank

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"“Performance management can sometimes be a ‘tick and flick’-type process,” says Strachan. “But [ELMO Performance Management] is encouraging some ongoing monitoring and conversations that are targeted to what’s working and what’s not working.”"

- Margot Strachan - People and Culture Manager at Kalyra Communities