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Performance discussions are moments of truth in any business. Make your moments magic, with a performance process that is easier, more visible and more collaborative.

Hero Performance

The Elevator Pitch

How your people's goal setting, development planning, career aspirations and evaluation is managed helps define your employment relationship.

Pivot Performance is an agile, user friendly system that helps you manage these processes however they are defined in your organisation, eliminating paper and clunky workflows, while providing insightful performance reporting.

Enable true collaboration between managers and their teams, align clearly to your organisation's strategic goals, and facilitate flexible check-ins depending on what works for you and your people.

Why Pivot Performance?

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Mobile first - any device, any time

Everything on any device - no need to have an app on your phone that can do some things and not others. Access everything anywhere at anytime where you have internet access.

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Two clicks to anywhere

No need for a user manual – just play and learn and you can’t get lost. The user centric design makes it easy.

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Instant feedback

Gather instant feedback to support continuous conversations at any time.

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Quick and easy set up

Pre-populate 'must have' content, create libraries and templates to make it quick and easy to set up your plans.

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Super flexible

Feel free to evolve your process without worrying about losing history. You can complete your assessments for one performance period and plan for the next at the same time.

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Insightful reporting

Have the freedom to highlight areas of celebration or concern in two easy steps.

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Pivot Performance


Start simple with Pivot Performance Essential. This is perfect for SMEs to manage goal setting, check-ins, development planning and feedback from others to inform ongoing performance discussions.

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Pivot Performance


For larger work-forces Pivot Performance Enterprise is a powerful, super customisable tool that will revolutionise every level of performance. Gain visibility and control over the performance process, while empowering collaboration between managers and their people.

What's the difference?

Flexible but common organisational wide design structure
Differentiated design for separate business groups
Easy planning options with compulsory, library or templated content
Segment content with “Manager only” views (useful for Talent identification and Performance Improvement Plans)
Easy integration with your core employee data
Strong administrative features to aid your HR teams support of the business
Data restriction capability for administration rights for different support options
Flexible rating and assessment options
Customised calculations for assessment outcomes
Single sign-on and/or login options with personalised security settings
Personalised company branding with logos and colours

Time to get started?

Our customers love how much easier the performance process is to manage with Pivot Performance and how quickly managers and their teams get engaged.

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Why our Einsteins love Pivot Performance

Hear from some of our happy customers who have become Einsteins of performance


"With Pivot Performance, UniServices are able to put in place a more fluid, living performance management process. It enables us to look at a standard grid including factors like retention risk, leadership skills, potential for further success, cross-functional skills and so on. We can rate people, calibrate the results and then have action points."

- GM - Human Resources

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"Pivot Pay was a real winner for us! Pivot Performance is an enabler - it's the regular reviews that the tool facilitates that are important. Pivot is innovative. They have a good blend around technology and HR skills, are very customer oriented and good problem solvers. "

- Performance and Capability Manager


"The automated, internet-based remuneration and performance management systems have changed the way the HR team administers performance management programs that enhance employee engagement and productivity. The organisation has a clearer, current view of its workforce capability. "

- Senior Human Resources Consultant