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A game changer in remuneration

Transform your salary review process from tragedy to triumph. Deliver a super smooth process that positions you as the people experts in your business.

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The Elevator Pitch

Employee remuneration and compensation reviews are a complex and often emotional process, that place huge pressure on the HR team.

Whether it be salary increases, complex incentives or bonuses, with Pivot Remuneration you can be assured that your budget is managed, policies are bought to life, data is secure, reporting is timely, accurate and insightful and that all too critical message to the employee via a letter or email is correct and personal.

Why Pivot Remuneration?

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User friendly

Our customers love how easy Pivot Remuneration is to use. Navigation is simple and the workflow guides the user through the process.

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Managers Empowered

With Pivot Remuneration, managers feel empowered to make more informed and consistent decisions.

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Effective & transparent

Easily manage the end-to-end remuneration allocation and enjoy the benefits of a transparent approval process

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No more chasing

HR knows where everyone is up to in the process and the system automatically will chase up as required.

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Super flexible

Pivot Remuneration is highly configurable, robust, agile and flexible

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Rip Roaring Reports

Build your own reports, or select from an extensive library of reports or have bespoke reports created for you.

Pricing to suit your business needs

Explore which option is right for you.
Our configuration options are designed to grow with your business

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All plans cover the basics


Approval Workflow


Process Tracking


Team and Data validation


Simple data import/export


Automated letter generation


Editable help text


Flexible hierarchy management


Impersonation feature to support end users


Responsive support from our experienced team


Budget/spend management


Traffic light controls


Configurable email notifications


Provision of a separate test site


Build your own reporting


SSO option

Our Essential option is designed for small businesses looking to engage managers in the remuneration review process.

Whenever you feel like you need more, our Extend and Enterprise options are ready to take your remuneration process to the next level.

Start Simple
Mature your process
Manage your complexity
Rapid Implementation 2 weeks 6-8 weeks 10-12 weeks
Budget set by manager
Budget set at Organisational level
Budget set by other element
Segregated budgets to prevent cross spending
Manage multiple currencies
Multiple currency management with single currency consolidation
Manage benchmarking data
Manage multiple sources of benchmarking data
Incentive calculations
Management of multiple incentives
Management of discretionary bonus/lump sum payments
Separate budgets for bonus/incentive
Pro-rata calculations for bonus outcomes
Configurable manager screens
Set data restrictions for HR users
Multiple branding options within the same site
Ability to operate concurrent different workflows, structure etc for different business segments
Matrix based reporting lines
Delegation/seek input from others
Manage complex and multiple rem structures
Merit Matrix and modelling options to support strategic initiatives
Analysis reports

ROI Calculator

Calculate what your current process might be costing you.

**Assumes a common organisational practice of decision and approval; Small budget overspend and a manager to employee ratio of 1:15

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Our customers love how easy Pivot Remuneration is to use and how quickly it makes a difference.

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Why our Einsteins love Pivot Remuneration

Hear from some of our happy customers who have become Einsteins of remuneration.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

"The Pivot team is very responsive, and they have a good understanding of remuneration. They understand what we’re trying to achieve as they have an HR background as well as technical capability."

- Remuneration and Benefits Adivsor


"Feedback from users gave Pivot Pay (Pivot Remuneration) the "Thumbs up" saying it was very easy to use and delivered to their needs. Pivot ensures the product remains up-to-date through upgrades that have been derived from proactively seeking customer feedback."

- Head of Remuneration and Performance Management


"Managers can see what to spend on whom and why, thanks to [Pivot Pay's] salary recommendation function. The system also allows HR staff to produce "instant" reports to the executive team and approving managers."

- Human Resources Analyst