Rewards & Recognition

Reward and recognise those who go above and beyond. Everyone likes a pat on the back - even the power of a simple 'thank you' or a job well done can do wonders for staff morale.

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The Elevator Pitch

Everyone likes a little pat on the back - even the power of a simple 'thank you' for a job well done can do wonders for staff morale. Having a dynamic rewards and recognition program can reap significant benefits for employee engagement. Companies with recognition-rich cultures have 31% lower voluntary staff turnover rates, 21% higher productivity, and 37% less absenteeism.

In addition to automating traditional recognition workflows, ELMO Rewards & Recognition utilises elements of social media and gamification to enable employees to recommend peers and 'like' the recommendations of others. Points can be allocated and trophies won to drive engagement.

Why ELMO Rewards & Recognition?

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Peer to Peer Recognition

Enable employees to recognise peers with recommendations and configurable badges

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Celebrate Achievements

Employees can receive trophies to mark significant achievements or celebrations

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Boost Morale

Set-up workflows to allow employee nominations and voting for internal awards

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Drive Engagement

Recommend peers, “like” recommendations, earn & collect points the more you engage

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Get Creative

Create a library of trophies to recognise significant milestones that are important to your specific organisation or team

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Save Time

With automated award assignment rules and customisable workflows, recognition can be quick easy!

Key Features

Peer-to-peer recognition
Configurable badges
Ability to earn 'peer likes'
Ability to earn and collect points
Integrates with ELMO Performance module
Recognise employees on their work anniversary and birthday
Award employees with trophies for completing courses
Improve employee award workflows
Allow for employee award nominations and voting
Configurable workflows for awards with automatic or manual awarding

For more information about Rewards & Recognition download our product fact sheet

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