Succession Management

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The Elevator Pitch

Ask just about any employee why they are leaving an organisation and the answer is often the same: a lack of career progression or career pathway. Succession management is an invaluable way to retain employees, identify flight risks and build bench strength for business-critical roles.

ELMO Succession helps meet the needs of both employees and employers. Employees benefit from the ability to hone their career aspirations and see the steps they must take to move to other roles.

Employers benefit from the ability to identify potential successors, keep track of bench strengths, identify skills gaps and monitor develop plans - ensuring future roles can always be filled.

Why ELMO Succession Management?

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Identify High Performers

Find and develop top performers to create future leaders and fill key roles, to ensure business continuity

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Manage Succession Plans

Increase your bench strength for critical positions across your organisation

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Empower Employees

Provide tools to employees so they can investigate their desired career path

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Understand Workforce Potential

Identify high performers and aspirations, and reduce flight risks for critical roles

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Employee Career Progression

Create development plans to upskill employees closer to their succession pathway

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Transparent Reporting

Use our configurable dashboards and reports to help you evaluate role vacancy risks and monitor individual development plans

Key Features

Determine role criticality to ensure business continuity
Identify top performers
Mitigate employee flight risk by providing career pathways
Understand employee career aspirations
Enable employees to determine their desired career pathway with personalised development plans
Monitor status of individual development plans
Identify skill gaps
Create and manage talent pools
9 box grid reporting for performance/potential
Heat map for high flight risk and critical positions

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